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High Performance BV L62

(High Performance Lug type Butterfly Valve)

Standard Applicable
Face-to-face: EN 558-1, DIN 3202
Lug type (optional: through going holes)
Temperature range: -60°C to +180°C (R-PTFE-Seat)
Inspection & Test: EN 12266-1
Marking: DIN EN 19

Pressure Rating::  PN10,16,25,40
Size Range:   DN50~DN400
Disc Sealing:    PTFE, R-PTFE
Operator:   Lever, Gear, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Materials:    Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel
Standard:  C22.8 (1.0460) / GP240GH (1.0619/GS-C25),
Low temperature: TSTE355 (1.0566)
High temperature:  16Mo3 (1.5415) / GS-22Mo4 (1.5419),13CrMo4-5 (1.7335) / GS-17CrMo55 (1.7357)
Stainless steel1:  .4401 / 1.4404 / G-X6CrNi18.9(1.4308),G-X6CrNiMo18.10 (1.4408)

Application: Steam,gases, hot water, thermal oil, process water, chemical Industry, ammonia etc.