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Foot Valve

High Performance, Cost Effective
Delivers high volums of water quickly with unrestricted full flow
Efficiency in excess of 95% compared to many other types of valves
Unique design which incorporateds a self cleaning diaphragm
Operateds via Pressure Differential and at any angle or position
No Poppet Valve to wear or jam
Easy access screw cap for servicing
Blockages reduced due to low fluid velocity through slots
Materials approved for use with potable(drinkable) water

Manufactured under a certified ISO9001 quality system
Available in sizes 2"-20"
Unique seating design provides positive shut off at all pressure ranges without additional loading on seal
Silient Operation-Short linear stroke
Use in priming of split case pumps
Heavy duty staniless steel screeing-flow area 3 to 4 times that of pipe area
Synthetic seating ring-provides a drop-tight seal
Full ported area-equal to pipe size at all points through the valve
Optional fusion bonded epoxy
Suitable for potable water