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Air Valve

Automatic Vent Valve

Air Vent Valve
Sewage Exhaust Valve
Air Release Valve
Air Relief Valve

Double Orifice Standard Air Valve

Standard Compliance:
Flange Dimensions: EN 1092-2 ISO 7005-2 BS 4504 DIN 2501
Test: EN 12266  EN 1074-1 & -4

Pressure: PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25
Size Range:
Single Ball DN50 - DN100 mm
Dual Ball DN50 - DN300 mm
Single Ball DN50 - DN250 mm
Materials:  DI casting, GJS-400.15 / GJS-500.7, EN 1563 (GGG40 50, DIN 1693)

Ensuring huge amount of air relief while filling pipeline with water,
Providing huge amount of air entrance while pipeline discharging,
Releasing bubbles that comes with fluid dynamic operation conditions,
Protection against self-locking by huge amount of air relief,
Kinetic type with single ball, dynamic type with single ball, combined with dual orifice type, and dual ball self-valve are types of air relief valves depending on their place of use.