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Axial flow check valve

Non-slam axial flow piston-type check valves
Axial flow piston check valve
nozzle check valve
Wafer Nozzle Check Valves
Axial Flow Wafer Nozzle Check Valves

Standard Compliance:
Basic Design: API 6D, ANSI /ASME B16.34
Face to Face standard: API 6D, ANSI /ASME B16.10
Flanged standard: ANSI /ASME B16.5 (2”-24”) ANSI /ASME B16.47 (>24”)
Butt Welding standard: ANSI /ASME B16.25
Pressure-Temperature Rating standard: ASME B16.34
Test and Inspection standard: API598, API6D
Fire-safe Design / Test standard: API 6FA, API607
Other opertional standard: NACE MR-01-75

Pressure: 150LB, 300LB, 600LB
NPS: 2”~ 40”
End Contenction: Fanged (RF/FF/RTJ), Socket Welded(SW), Butt Welding(BW), Hub Connectors, Thread/Screwed, Compact Flange or other proprietary connections.
Application:For Oil, Gas, Power, Petrochemical, Civil Construction Industries


Casting or forging body
Bolted body or fully welded body
Compact structure, smaller size, simple installation, easy piping
Streamlined design, resistance to fluid loss
Venturi port to reduce pressure drop
Spring protection and no impact
Specially designed double seal valve seat, zero leakage, reliable
Low-noise, energy saving, environmental protection
lower water hammer damager
No obstruction open-close, reliable operation, long service life
Full series with lugs and support legs

Materials Construction
Carbon Steel:
Low Temperature Carbon Steel (LTCS)/Alloy Steel:
ASTM A350 LF1/LF3/LF5/LF6/LF9/LF787, A352 LC1/LC2/LC2-1/LC3/LC4/LC9/, A743 CA6NM
High Temperature Steel(Chrome Moly)/Alloy Steel:
ASTM A182 F1/F5a/F9, A217 WC1/C5/C12
ASTM A182 F11, A182 F22, A216 WC6, A217 WC9
ASTM A182 F91, A217 C12A
Austenitic Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel:
ASTM A182 F304 (L) (H) / UNS S30400 (S30403) (S30409), A351 CF8/CF3/CF10
ASTM A182 F316 (L) (H) / UNS S31600 (S31603) (S31609), A351 CF8M/CF3M/CF10M
ASTM A182 F316 Ti / UNS S31635
ASTM A182 F321 (H) / UNS S32100 (S32109)
ASTM A182 F347 (H) / UNS S34700 (S34709), A351 CF8C
ASTM A182 F317L / UNS 31703, A351 CG3M
ASTM A182 F20*(ALLOY 20#) / UNS N08020, A351 CN7M
Ferritic-Austenitic / Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless Steel:
ASTM A182 F51 /UNS S31803 /S32205 (Duplex2205), A890/A995 GR.4A (J92205) /A351 CD3MN
ASTM A182 F52,
ASTM A182 F53 / UNS S32750 (Super Duplex2507), A890/A995 GR.5A / A351 CE8MN (CD4MCu)
ASTM A182 F55 / UNS S32760, A890/A995 GR.6A (CD3MWCuN)
ASTM A182 F60 / UNS S32950
Super Austenitic ASTM A182 F44 / UNS S31254, A351 CK3McuN
Alloy 20 ASTM B462 / UNS N08020
Monel 400 / UNS N04400 ASTM B564-N04400 / A494 M35-1
Monel 500 / UNS N05500 ASTM B564-N05500
Nickel Alloy 904L / UNS N08904
Inconel 600 /UNS N06600 /ASTM B564-N06600 /ASTM A494-CY40
Inconel 625 /UNS N06625 /ASTM B564-N06625 /ASTM A494-CW6MC
Inconel 800 /UNS N08800 /ASTM B564-N08800
Inconel 825 /UNS N08825 /ASTM B564-N08825 /A494 CU5MCuC
Hastelloy C-276 /UNS N10276 /ASTM B564-N10276 /ASTM A494 CW2M
Titanium ASTM B381 GR.F2/UNS R50400, B367 GR. C2, ASTM B381 GR.F3, B367 GR.C3,
ASTM B348 / B381 / UNS R50400
BRASS C36000/ Bronze / Aluminium Bronze ASTM B62 UNS C83600,ASTM B148 C95800/ BS1400 AB2